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1. We research carefully and provide expert solutions for your complex itineraries - with your personal needs and preferences in mind to save you time and money.

2. We are on the cutting edge of what's new: We make it a priority and are the first to know about a new resort, airline, private jet, cruise ship or tour.  We have relationships with the best travel partners, hoteliers and general managers, who keep us informed as to the latest and greatest offerings they have.

3. We conduct site visits to every hotel/resort that we sell-  our clients' needs are always matched to the best rooms/suites- and through the relationships we establish-  courtesy upgrades and customized amenities are arranged with our compliments.

4. In addition,to getting you more on any particular trip, we troubleshoot and step in and fix things when your trip goes awry.  As an expert, who has operations experience- over 20 years within the airline and hotel industry-  we know the inside tricks and tips to make your travels seamless.

5. Our service does not end once we confirm your travel itinerary and send you the confirmation. We are pro-active, diligent on ensuring that the flights are running on schedule, delayed and cancelled flights are re booked immediately - through our team with over 20 years of airline experience.


  • We meet the client at curbside- departure level @ LAX.                        

  • The guest's boarding passes+ baggage tags will be pre-printed, and our rep from The Savvy Traveler will hand over the bags to the skycap to tag and proceed inside to be placed onto the aircraft.

  • (For international flights- this may involve 1 short stop @ the desk- for passport verification)

  • The guest bypasses check-in inside and expedited through security checkpoint- and  escorted to the airline lounges. (Our clients are escorted to all lounges: domestic as well as International lounges).

Our goal is:
- to escort the guest from curbside-to-lounge within 30min or less.
- to troubleshoot for airline delays, possible cancellations- BEFORE the guest arrives at LAX.

- and to provide preferential seating and negotiate upgrades, waive excess baggage
  charges, whenever possible. 

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