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We meet the client at curbside- departure level @ LAX.

The guest's boarding passes+ baggage tags will be pre-printed, and our rep from The Savvy Traveler will hand over the bags to the skycap to tag and proceed inside to be placed onto the aircraft.

(For international flights- this may involve 1 short stop @ the desk- for passport verification)

The guest bypasses check-in inside and expedited through security checkpoint- and  escorted to the airline lounges.
(Our clients are escorted to all lounges: domestic as well as International lounges).

Our goal is:
* to escort the guest from curbside-to-lounge within 30min or less.
* to troubleshoot for airline delays, possible cancellations- BEFORE the guest arrives at LAX.
* and to provide preferential seating and negotiate upgrades, waive excess baggage charges,

  whenever possible.

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